The Only Door to Heaven

Cecil Martens

READ : John 10:1-11

“I am the door.” This title refers to the unique use of the Eastern sheepfold. At night the shepherd would gather the sheep in a natural or improvised enclosure with a narrow opening. Then he would lie across the opening and literally become the door. He would keep wild animals or thieves out but allow sheep to come in and be safe. Jesus is the door of salvation. “Whoever enters through me will be saved.”

Lew Wallace, author of Ben Hur, was once challenged by an agnostic, Robert Ingersoll, to write a book to disprove Jesus’ exclusive claims. He spent several years in research preparing to write his book. After he began writing, he realized all of his studying revealed Jesus was God, that he did rise from the dead, and did come to be the Savior of the world. At age 50 Wallace became a Christian, rewrote his manuscript, and proved Jesus was the Son of God, the Door to salvation.

Jesus is the Door to spiritual freedom and a fulfilled life. He said sheep “shall go in and out and find pasture.” Dear friend, doors of opportunity are presented to us every day, opportunities to make choices. A wise person chooses Jesus, the Door, and avoids a life of regrets.


Jesus the Door, your titles and my needs fit each other. Thank you. Amen.