The Resurrection and the Life

Cecil Martens

READ : John 11:17-27

At the Battle of Waterloo, who would win? The people in London waited anxiously for news. Then they saw the message from the top of Winchester Cathedral, sent by means of semaphore (flag waving) signals, “Wellington defeated,” and then a blanket of fog. The people were in deep despair at the thought of their great general being defeated. All seemed lost. But later that day the fog lifted and now they could read the whole message, signaled again, “Wellington defeated the enemy.” Gloom changed to joy, tragedy to triumph.

It was a sad home in Bethany. Lazarus had died. Broken, aching hearts. Mourners were wailing. In that dark hour Jesus shared one of his radiant titles. It is a superlative claim of his authority over life and death “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Then he declared that anybody who believes in him will not ever really die. “To die is gain!” There is life after death!

Remember the cross. Was it defeat? It certainly looked like it. Then there was Easter. What appeared to be defeat changed to victory. Jesus is the Victor, not the victim. “Looking to Jesus” for us this means Resurrection and Life.


O God, thank you for eternal life and daily victory through our living Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.