I Am the True Vine

Cecil Martens

READ : John 15:1-8

“I am the true Vine” (15:1). This is the last of Jesus’ seven “I Ams.”

Have you ever seen a ticket with a perforated line and these words printed, “Not good if detached”? As believers we must remain connected to Jesus always. That’s the message here.

I saw many vineyards when I was in the Holy Land. In Jesus’ day the vine was used prominently, carved on the door of synagogues, and the door of the temple, imprinted on Jewish coins. Jesus says we are branches and he is the true vine, a beautiful picture of our faith-union with him. This reminds me of the apostle Paul’s favorite expression, “in Christ.”

As branches, we draw our life from the vine. Our responsibility is to “abide” or “remain” in him, to be constantly connected to him in a healthy way. How? Verse 10 says, “If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love.” That’s the secret.

By loving obedience our will is fused to God’s will as we daily surrender to him and commit ourselves to fulfill his purpose for our life. Pruning will be needed at times from anything that displeases God (v. 2b). This will surely lead us from mediocrity to bearing much good fruit (v. 5).


Gracious God, I want to be a fruitful branch. Make me one. In Jesus’ name. Amen.