A Compromising Church

Cecil Martens

READ : Revelation 2:12-17

Pergamum was a very wicked city the center of Caesar worship, a hard place to be a Christian. Jesus had a word for them. The believers here have been faithful and eager even though one of their members had been killed. But there were serious problems: intermarriage with heathens, compromising with worldly morality and pagan doctrine. They were on the way down. Solution: turn back to God. Alternative: judgment through the Word of God (2:16).

We Christians have a reliable standard in the Bible, the Word of God. In it we can discover God’s will and plan for our lives and his people. The challenge for us all is to be in touch with the Holy Spirit who Jesus promised would guide us. The prayer of the Psalmist is a model for us, “Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me” (Ps. 119:133).

It happened so subtly to a large congregation, well known for their loyalty to the Bible as their authority. Then seeds of compromise were planted from the pulpit. It all sounded so right at first. But the ministry ignored the whole counsel of God. Then division and departures followed. Needed: turn back to the Word of God, “Looking to Jesus” too!


Lord of the church, keep us truly faithful to your Word of truth. Help us to be keenly aware of wrong compromises. Amen.