A Faithful Church

Cecil Martens

READ : Revelation 3:7-13

I don’t enjoy being criticized, do you? Here is a church Jesus chooses to compliment. They were good people living in a city whose name means “brotherly love.” Though it too was a citadel of pagan temples and the worship of false gods, here was a small number of people who took Jesus Christ seriously. “You have kept my word and have not denied my name. . . . You have kept my command to endure patiently” (vv. 8,10). But don’t get shabby! Tough days are on the horizon. “Hold on to what you have” (v. 11).

The English Fellowship Church in Quito, Ecuador is the sixth congregation we have been privileged to serve during the past 43 years. All have been great churches. Imperfect? Yes, but filled with so many wonderful believers who take their faith seriously. They genuinely love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to serve him. In a day when there are so many troubled congregations, I praise God for those who desire to be like the church in Philadelphia. Your church should be an example of what Christians are supposed to be.

Discussion: What would Jesus say to our church today? What can we do to strengthen our congregation?


Gracious Father, may our church be more and more like the church in Philadelphia. In Jesus’ name. Amen.