Our Father's Best Gift

William C. Brownson

READ : Luke 11:9-13

Of all the promises in the Bible, this is one I come back to more than any other. Every day, and several times a day, I find here what I need most: the filling, renewing, guiding, empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus grounds the promise in God’s fatherly goodness. If we human parents, who are flawed and failing at best, know how to give good things to our children when they ask, how much more will our heavenly Father give the very best to those who ask him.

Jesus promises elsewhere that the Father will give “good gifts” (Mt. 7:11). Here, it is the Holy Spirit that he gives to those who ask him. In other words, all the best gifts are gathered up in the bestowal of the Holy Spirit the Giver.

And all we need to do is ask! The Greek verb means, literally, “keep on asking.”

What do you and I need most today? Is it strength to love? Power to witness? Endurance to hang on? Is it grace to listen? A heart to forgive? Is it the spirit of prayer and praise? Is it joy, peace, new life? Whatever it is, Jesus says, “Ask, ask for the Spirit.”


Father, thank you that you keep on giving the Spirit to those who keep on asking. Amen.