A New Generation for Christ

William C. Brownson

READ : Isaiah 44:1-5

This is another promise of what God will do for the children of his people. I remember drinking it in when our sons were young, savoring it, offering it back to God as our fervent prayer for them.

God is comforting captive Israel, assuring them of his favor. Upon the wilderness of their affliction, he will pour refreshing rain. He will satisfy their longing souls. Better still, he will pour out his Spirit on their descendants.

Those children will then spring up, verdant and beautiful, like trees along a river. And notice how they will act. One will say, “I am the Lord’s.” Another will claim the name of God’s covenant people. Others will write the Lord’s name on their hands.

What’s happening here? The new generation is making confession of faith. Young people are claiming the Lord as their own. They are rising up to be counted for Christ.

Can anything be more exciting than that, more encouraging for the future? It’s his promise a new generation for Christ!


O God, fulfill your gracious word. Pour out your Spirit on our children and grandchildren. Let them rise up to love and serve you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.