The Eavesdropping Roommate

William C. Brownson

READ : Isaiah 55:6-12

One night when I was in college, I visited my friend Jim in his dormitory room. As we talked, the way seemed to open up for me to present the gospel to him. He listened respectfully, with evident interest, but wasn’t ready at that time to make a commitment. Our parting that evening was cordial, but I felt keen disappointment.

Thirty-two years later, I was surprised to receive a letter from Bill, who had been Jim’s roommate. He wrote: “I have finally gotten around to thank you for something you never knew you did. It happened one evening when you came in to our dorm room to witness to Jim. There I was across the room, and I took in every word and Jesus!

I was moved to tears of joy. My only memory of Bill from that night was the sight of him working away at his desk, with his back toward us. But the word that is filled with power somehow reached his heart.

Bill wrote, in closing, “I just wanted you to know that although you didn’t see the fruit that evening when you were witnessing, some fruit did come.”

Jim later received Christ also.


Lord, help us always to share your word in joyful hope, knowing that it won’t “return empty.” Thank you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.