The Global Family of God

William C. Brownson

READ : Genesis 12:1-8

You’d like to know about a special promise for your family, wouldn’t you? Some pledge of God that singles out you and your loved ones? You’ve read about one just now.

The living God, Lord of the universe, appeared long ago to a man named Abram. He gave him a strange command. He was to leave behind his native land, his relatives, and the family homestead to go somewhere. Where? He wasn’t told. God simply said, “to the land that I will show you.”

It took a lot of faith for Abram to venture on that slender bit of information. What inspired him to do it was God’s remarkable promise. God would make him a great nation, and give him a great name. But there was much more. God gave Abram a staggering vision of what he and his descendants would mean for human history. “In you all the families of the world shall be blessed.”

We know now that this vision became reality in the coming of Abram’s descendant, Jesus. Through faith in this Savior, we and our families have been unspeakably blessed. But let’s not stop witnessing and serving, laboring and praying until all the world’s families have been so blessed!


Father, prosper the efforts of Words of HOPE in helping all the families of the world to learn of Jesus. In his name. Amen.