The Crash of a Giant Statue

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Daniel 2:31-45

Imagine somebody telling you the details of a dream you had and then explaining the meaning to you. You can understand how flabbergasted Nebuchadnezzar felt, can’t you?

The huge statue that he saw in his dream was very large, very bright and very scary. Four parts of the human body are described as composed of different metals, with the toes mixed between iron and clay. But the really fascinating part comes next. A super-human power cuts out a stone which is thrown at the feet of the colossus, smashing the brittle iron-clay toes, bringing down the whole statue with a mighty crash. The stone then grows into a mighty mountain that fills the whole earth. This symbolizes God’s global rule.

To a dumbfounded Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel explains that the four parts of the body represent four successive kingdoms, of which Babylon is the first. But the climax will be the establishing by the God of heaven of a kingdom that will never be destroyed. God’s “love” in Jesus Christ is the most powerful ruling force in the world. He rules over all in power, justice and love.


Gracious God, we thank you for Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone of the rule in our lives. Thank you that he has set us free from the kingdoms and powers of this world. Amen.