Believing God at His Word

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 1:5-24

Zechariah doubted the angel and so was struck dumb for a time. We are asked to believe without seeing any angels.

A former atheist, I became a Christian after I was forty years old. What convinced me that the gospel was not just a fabrication? First of all, Jesus rang true. I am a writer and the gospel did not read like fiction. There were numerous instances of name duplications (Judas, James, Thomas) and all three women at the foot of the cross were named Mary. No fiction writer names several characters the same name! Only a journalist or a historian would give three characters in a scene the same name.

Also the minor inconsistencies in the Gospels are the sort one would expect from different witnesses. Then there was the amazing change in the disciples after the crucifixion. Something pretty amazing had to have happened to turn those “country bumpkins” into such powerful authoritative witnesses and preachers!

A series of prayer “experiments” further convinced me that God is real. God cares and God answers prayer! Why do you believe the Bible?


Lord, help us to appreciate the truth of your words and to honor Jesus who said, “I AM THE TRUTH.” Amen.