Too Busy to Pray?

Nancy Dorner

READ : Philippians 4:1-9

Have you streamlined your schedule to get everything done? I thought when my children were all gone I’d have much extra time on my hands. Big mistake! I’m busier than ever. Because I don’t have enough time for everything, I cook only on Monday, make enough for all week, and freeze my own “TV dinners.”

I also cut my prayer and devotional time in half. Another big mistake. Instead of saving time, everything seemed to take twice as long. My efficiency decreased in proportion to my neglect of my devotions.

The more time I devote to the Lord, the smoother everything else seems to go. Martin Luther claimed he spent three hours a day in prayer, except on very busy days, then he spent four. Bill Hybels wrote a book entitled Too Busy Not to Pray. The Bible tells us to pray about everything.

How about you? Have you discovered that every thing goes better with prayer? Certainly Christ mas goes better with prayer. Fortunately God is never too busy for us.

Are we too busy for him?


Father, help us to remember that this month we are too busy not to pray. Amen.