Impulsive Egotism vs. Childlike Faith

Nancy Dorner

READ : Exodus 2:11-15
Matthew 18:1-7

As a young man Moses was impulsive. Thinking to aid his fellow Hebrews, he blundered into killing an Egyptian, then spent years repenting as he raised sheep in the Negev. But as an older man, God drafted him into divine service and used him to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

We all make blunders as we progress from child hood to adulthood. One of our biggest blunders occurs when we become unwilling or unable to “turn back the clock” and move from adulthood back to the “childlike wonder” we experienced the first few Christmases of our lives.

Do that this year. Look at the baby Jesus as you did when you first gazed at him in awe and wonder. The most significant birth (and death!) of all history is embodied in this Christ child. Pause to think what life (and death!) would be like had he never been born.

How blessed we are to have been born after the incarnation, after the resurrection. God may not call us into such demanding service as he did Moses, but he has assignments for us whatever our age.


Thank you, Father, for the truth about Jesus. Use us to spread the good news about him today. Amen.