God's Love Is Outrageous

Nancy Dorner

READ : John 3:16-21

Before I became a Christian someone quoted John 3:16 to me in an effort to connect me. I remember thinking, “If God loves us so much, why didn’t he come himself instead of passing the buck to his Son?”

Then, years later, I had a son of my own, and finally recognized that it would be much harder to allow my only son to be tortured to death than to die myself! I began to realize what my salvation cost God.

Later still, I began to appreciate the genius of God’s plan. Only those humble enough to admit their need for a savior will be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. That means there will be no arrogant people there that’s what will make it heaven!

It is the arrogance, greed and drive for power which make this world such an unhappy place. The humble and the meek are victims in this world. But in the City of God, they will be the victors forever!


Father, thank you for sending your Son to die so that we might live. Your love is truly amazing. Amen.