Givers Are Never Losers

Nancy Dorner

READ : Malachi 3:10-18

One December several years ago I was challenged to change the way we as a family celebrated Christmas. Instead of giving gifts to one another, we were encouraged to give the money we would have spent on ourselves to the homeless or other less advantaged people. At that time we were deeply in debt for all my husband’s medical training (seventeen years beyond high school) so what we had to spend was not much. Since then our circumstances have changed, allowing us to be more generous. We have truly learned how blessed it is to give!

But, no matter how much we give away we have never been able to out-give God! God has lived up to his word. He blesses us to be a blessing. Hoarders are losers.

God’s greatest gift to us was the gift of himself in Jesus Christ. We have the privilege of telling non-Christians in our own neighborhoods, work places, schools, hospitals and prisons of God’s wonderful unconditional love for them. See how many times you can give God’s love away this Christmas to those who have yet to discover the greatest gift of all time!


Father, make us less selfish. Help us reach out to those outside our circle to bring Christ’s love to lost and hurting people. Amen.