Jesus in Clear View

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 24:13-31

Last May we toured Italy. The art we encoun tered was staggering. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s cathedrals in Rome were magnificent. Others in Milan, Ravenna, Naples, Sorrento were almost as impressive. We saw statuary so fine it looked real enough to breathe and move. The tapestries and paintings in the Sistine Chapel were stun ning. We lost track of how many masterful paint ings of Madonna and child we saw. This most glo rious art ever produced was executed as a tribute to the greatest life ever lived!

Today’s art often depicts Bible themes but only in confusing fragments Christ is broken to bits in many contemporary stained glass windows and rendered unrecognizable.

Unfortunately such representations are true depictions of how our society views Christ. He is often missing or unrecognizable even in some Christian circles. But, we can restore him to a place of prominence. Our witness to his living presence may make him real to those around us. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take Jesus along into our daily encounters, reminding others of how he has changed history, eternity and us forever!


Father, help us to present Jesus whole and not fragmented. Let others see the real Jesus in us. Amen.