God the Great Composer

Nancy Dorner

READ : Genesis 4:19-22
Psalm 98:1-9

Music contributes a great deal to our Christmas celebration.

One spring day when my son David was about seven and learning to play the violin, we opened the windows to enjoy the warm spring breeze as he practiced. Suddenly he put down his bow and looked at me in delighted surprise. “Shhh, Listen, Mom,” he said, placing his finger on his lips. The leaves had recently popped out on the trees and a brisk breeze was rustling through them. “Listen, Mom,” David said again in awe, “The trees are the instrument and the wind is the musician but God is the composer!”

Have you ever stopped to thank God for all the music which has been composed because of who Jesus is and what he has done for the human race? Much of this huge treasure is displayed as we celebrate Christ’s birth: masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Handel’s Messiah and dozens of carols celebrating “God is with us.”

This Christmas send a note to your choir and its director to thank them for their music. It will add to their appreciation of the season. They certainly contribute to ours!


Father, thank you for the gift of music which so enriches our lives. Help all the world to hear it! Amen.