Souls Now Feel Their Worth

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 9:23-27

I think we hear a great deal more about the soul these days than we did just a few years ago. Books which used to be found only in Christian book stores now appear in the self-help sections of Borders or Barnes and Noble. News magazines such as Time orNewsweek feature serious articles about the soul, the spirit, and even angels. For many years the “soul” was scorned. The only reference to religious spirituality was at best condescending and at worst outright sarcastic.

But after a period of decline in spiritual nurture, society found itself living at the bottom of the morality garbage pail so the soul was picked up, dusted off, and again the soul began to feel its worth.

Thousands of “New Agers” got serious about the soul. The official catechism of the Roman Catholic Church hit the New York Times best- seller list!

Today the soul is back in fashion and Jesus is the authority on matters of soul. New Agers are looking for truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth!” Bring your favorite New Ager to church this Christmas. Introduce her to the truth.


Father, thank you that the soul is again being acknowledged and valued. Help us know how to nurture souls our own and others. Amen.