Asleep During Life's Big Exams

Nancy Dorner

READ : Matthew 26:36-45

Have you ever slept through an important appointment? I once stayed up all night studying for a final exam only to fall asleep over my books and I slept through the exam! What a nightmare. I still dream about that horrible day!

Unfortunately, I have slept through many “exams” since, little tests the Lord sent my way. I have been completely unaware of them until they were long past. I’m probably still doing so today. The trials I succeeded in avoiding stunted my spiritual growth. Opportunities to serve went unheeded because I was wearing “worldly blinders.” How many lost souls might have changed their direction if I had found the courage, taken the time, made the effort to tell them about our wonderful Savior?

This month is the ideal time to witness to those who know Santa Claus, but have never met Jesus. First, I’ll pray for them. Then, I’m going to graciously celebrate the season and witness to all who may have missed it. How about you? Will you join me?


Father, remove our worldly blinders and waken us to help others remove theirs. Amen.