"Black Sheep" in Jesus' Family Line

Nancy Dorner

READ : Joshua 2:1-22
Matthew 1:4-5

Do you have any relatives or ancestors whom others might not respect or admire? Well, so did Jesus. Rahab was a prostitute. But she was a prostitute of promise. Her faith in God’s purpose and plans caused her to cooperate with Joshua’s spies. That act earned her and her family salva tion and a place on Jesus’ family tree.

Rahab is a reminder that there is good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us. God cre ated, loves and can use all of us.

How will our descendants view us? Will we be seen as people who loved and served the Lord and his purposes? Or will we be remembered as people who served only self?

Self-serving is seen almost as a virtue today. “You deserve to be pampered” advertisers romance us through TV commercials and media ads. But that’s not what Jesus said. “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” was written on his billboard. It is so much easier to be self-serv ing than other-serving. Other-serving is impossi ble without the Holy Spirit of God.


Father, cleanse us of self and fill us with yourself. Help us reach out to all your sheep black, gray and white. Amen.