Sold Out to Instant Gratification

Nancy Dorner

READ : Genesis 25:24-34
Matthew 6:19-20

Impulsive Esau, he lived for the moment. The future was not worth thinking about. He thought through his stomach. How many of us do the same thing? Today many of us overeat, then collectively pay billions of dollars to lose the weight we put on by reckless overeating. Are we as shortsighted as Esau?

Esau sold his birthright. Do you know anyone who has done the same? What is our birthright? We have the right, the privilege, of becoming spiritual sons of God! But by living for the riches, the pleasures, the fame or success of this world, millions have sold their birthrights and will never experience salvation unless you or I witness to them of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the beautiful, potential inheritance God has reserved for them.

Often we Christians are as shortsighted as Esau. We spend carelessly on ourselves, then give less than our tithe to God. Do we even pay ourselves first, then shortchange the Lord? Remember, only that which we have given away will be ours in heaven. Will we be rich or poverty stricken when we get there? It’s up to us.


Father, help us to give away our excess so we may bless others and lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Amen.