The Reason for the Season

Nancy Dorner

READ : Matthew 11:25-30

Have you ever watched a child struggle with a task too complex or difficult for her? Had the child turned to you and asked for help, you’d gladly have solved her problem. But she never asked. She continued to fumble, becoming more and more frustrated until she threw down the project or walked away from it. And all the time your help was just a call away.

Do we do the same thing with Jesus’ promise of help? Do we muddle around trying to run things on our own when he keeps whispering “Come unto me”? Our Lord is always available to us, just as we are available to our children.

This month it is easier to remember Jesus be cause we celebrate his birthday.

Honor his love for us by spending more time, not less, in personal and family devotions. Use these Words of Hope Daily Meditations in combina tion with an advent calendar or something similar to celebrate our Lord’s birth. Come to him to experience the true spirit of Christmas.


Father, draw us closer to Jesus as we celebrate his birth and remember his promises. Amen.