Confession Is Good for the Soul

Nancy Dorner

READ : 1 John 1:5-10
James 5:14-20

Are we coming up short on personal confession of sin these days? At the time of the Protestant Reformation in Europe it was decided people no longer needed to confess their sins to a priest. But, as a result, did sin itself begin to seem less serious to believers? Has God changed his view of sin? No!

My spiritual mother taught me that at the end of every day I should take my “cup of sin” collected that day and pour it at the foot of the cross naming each sin by name asking God’s forgiveness, then praying to overcome that particular tendency to sin. Then she taught me to take my empty cup the first thing the next morning back to the Lord to ask him to fill it with one day’s worth of grace.

If our “cup” is half-full of sin we can only receive half a cup of grace. Try confessing your sins one by one each night. Each morning pray for a fresh supply of grace and watch your blessings increase!


Lord, we admit we have not confessed our sins as often or as completely as we should. Please help us to both confess and receive the gracious power to do better. Amen.