A Graph of Life

Nancy Dorner

READ : 2 Samuel 9:1-7
2 Samuel 11:1-4

Years ago someone challenged me to take a close look at David’s life and represent it on a graph. Certainly David’s writing of the Psalms repre sents one of the high points of his accomplish ments. His desire to build a permanent temple would be another. His treatment of Saul’s grand son yet another. But, his weaknesses and failings would be just as extreme! His seduction of and adultery with Bathsheba and his deliberate orders to have Uriah killed in battle would represent the lowest points on David’s graph.

Then I was invited to draw a similar graph of my own life. Well, I had never committed adultery or murder, so the lower part of my graph looked much less extreme than David’s. But, alas, my peaks scarcely rose above the line.

I was then reminded that because of what Jesus had suffered on my behalf only the upper portion of my graph would accompany me into heaven. So God will not even see the bottom half. Nor will he see yours. All our sins have been erased permanently if we repent and believe.

That calls for celebration all year long not just at Christmas.


Father, thank you for Jesus who saves us from our sins and covers us with his righteousness. Amen.