Bring In a New Day

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 1:67-79
John 14:23-27

A new day from heaven will dawn upon us . . . it will guide us into the path of peace. (Luke 1:78-79, lb)

Yes, Jesus did bring in the dawning of a new day! He has guided us into the path of peace. But we have often failed to follow his guidance, and so we say, “Peace! peace!” but there is no peace. Many people today have rejected the Good News of God so we are missing the road to lasting personal, collective, national and international peace.

What can we do to encourage peace during this month when we celebrate Christ’s birth? Have you any neighbors who do not celebrate Christmas? Are there non-Christians in your school or work place? Have you any unresolved personal relationship problems? We can contribute to the peace of our particular world by reaching out with Christ’s love to everyone around us!

If everyone who reads these words sends just one dollar to a responsible Christian charity fund what a blessing we would collectively deliver!

Wherever you go this month, whomever you meet, don’t forget to pass the peace of Christ.


Father, make us part of the peace you are bringing and help us bring a new day to those who suffer. Amen.