True Life-Giving Light

Nancy Dorner

READ : John 1:9
John 8:12
John 12:36, 46-50

Because our winter days in Michigan where I live are so short, we use more electricity at this time of year. Many days are gray and dreary.

The ancient celebration of the winter solstice was an attempt to bring light to a darkened world. Our Christmas trees and houses, decorated with colored lights, are in part at least a holdover from that old pagan celebration. But these lights are external and artificial. The light of Jesus Christ is inner and authentic. It never varies from summer to winter. “The true light has come into the world.”

What a dark world it must have been before Christ. It’s dark enough now! Because so many do not know and honor our Savior, those who do make shining pin-points of light in the darkness. The darkness cannot put out our light if we are in Christ. Sometimes our light may seem feeble but it flares anew each time we “light someone else’s candle.” Spread the light to those around you. Together we will cast a Christmas glow that lasts forever.


Father, increase our brightness so we may reflect your light to this dark world. Amen.