Really Surprised at Christmas

Nancy Dorner

READ : Psalm 27:7-14

In 1995 just before the holidays, my cat was run over and killed. I prayed for a new one for Christmas. A week before Christmas, my husband and my oldest son each gave me a kitten. But, on Christmas Eve as I stepped up on our front porch after church, a huge orange tiger cat jumped into my arms, put his paws around my neck and licked my cheek several times.

I certainly didn’t need another cat by that time, but it was ten degrees below zero and I couldn’t leave him outside in the cold. So we brought him in and placed an ad in the local paper, but no one claimed him. We decided this cat must have been sent as an answer to my prayer. We had jumped the gun and taken matters into our own hands too soon, attempting to answer our own prayer request before God had a chance to do so.

How often do we do that? We pray for some want or need, then fail to wait upon the Lord first, thus depriving ourselves of a blessing.

We kept all three cats, but God’s “Christmas cat” is the best cat we’ve ever had. He is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness, and our impatience.


Father, help us to put everything in your hands and restrain us when we try to take it back. Amen.