Come, See Jesus

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 2:8-15

“Let’s go to Bethlehem. Let’s see this thing that has happened which the Lord has told us about.”

If I had been one of those shepherds, I wonder if I’d have packed up and responded as a result of the angel’s message. It was certainly a radical thing to do. Who took care of the sheep while they were gone? What did their ranch owner think of such impulsive behavior? Evidently questions like these did not deter their going to “see what the Lord had told them about.”

How can we get twentieth-century people to “go see Jesus”? Evangelism studies tell us most new believers became Christians because someone invited them to church! So, we can take people to see Jesus! And what better time than at Christmas when there are so many celebrative services?

Do you have a relative, friend, neighbor or colleague who is not a Christian? This year give them Jesus for Christmas! Bring them to church for the children’s program, the cantata, or a church potluck. Show them why Jesus is the reason for the season! It will add to your appreciation of Christmas as well.


Dear Father, help us to see Jesus more clearly and to bring others to see him also. Amen.