How Open Are You to God's Spirit?

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 1:26-38

Mary agreed to cooperate with God’s plan even though it meant certain disgrace in her community. Would we be willing to do what Mary did? Many of us are unwilling to even mention Jesus Christ in our neighborhood, school or work place much less sacrifice our community reputations to criticism or ridicule. But Mary said yes asking only how she could possibly have a baby since she was still a virgin. “The Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you and you shall bear a son . . . God can do anything“ (Luke 1:35, 37). This was Gabriel’s answer to her question. God isn’t likely to ask that much of you or me but he does ask us to be willing to be absolutely open to the Holy Spirit! Are we willing?

Mary’s response was not just a one-time thing. Every day for the rest of her life she would say “yes” to God’s Holy Spirit. Do we? Are we willing to say as Mary did “be it unto me as you have said”? Or do we set our own agendas, and then ask God to bless our plans?

To be authentic Christians (“Christ-ones”), the Christ must grow in us just as Jesus grew in Mary. May Jesus be formed in us not just for Christmas but every day all year long.


Father, anoint us afresh each day so that we, like Mary, may be filled with your Spirit overwhelm us again. Amen.