God Promotes Humble Folk

Nancy Dorner

READ : Luke 2:8-15

In Luke we read of people who recognized the extraordinary nature of the Christ Child: Simeon, Anna, the Shepherds, Mary and Joseph. These were humble, God-fearing folk. Only the wise men and the priest Zechariah were men of significant learning or means. This disproportionate pattern is still true today. Most who acknowledge the Christ child as God are simple, God-fearing folk who accept the Bible as God’s Word. Only a fraction of believers are learned scholars. Some are still skeptics in private. Simplicity is a gift. God does not put a high premium on our understanding or knowledge. He asks for our devotion, trust and obedience. So he still “brings down arrogant rulers and raises up the humble.”

Just such a man is Billy Graham. Just such a woman was Mother Teresa. After reading Billy’s autobiography and Mother Teresa’s Something Beautiful for God, I was struck by the inescapable fact that these two people were common ordinary persons who took God at his word and as a result became extraordinary saints! Can we do the same?


Father, grant us the simplicity of ordinary folk. Make us humble enough to believe and convicted enough to witness to the miracle of Christmas. Amen.