Is There Life After Age 65?

Nancy Dorner

READ : Genesis 18:8-15
Genesis 21:1-7

My friend Carma VanLiere resigned from teaching English at Western Michigan University at 65. “What are you going to do now, Carma?” I asked. “Oh, I’ve finally decided what I want to be when I grow up!” she responded. “I want to write a book and get it published.” Her book Hallowed Fire (Judson Press, 1993) is a history of outstanding Christian women. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn what Christian women have accomplished in our country. Who knows what God can do with any of us who are truly eager to serve God?

My neighbor Claire went to seminary when she was over sixty. Some thought it ridiculous. “Who’s going to hire a 65-year-old woman minister?” her detractors scoffed. Not only did she serve a church beyond age 75 surprise that church was in Hawaii!

As Anna and Simeon waited for the Christ, so both Carma and Claire kept looking to and listening for the Lord. Are you? Am I? Sarah, “well advanced in years and past the age of child-bearing” doubted, scoffed. God did the impossible through her.


Father, help us to know what we can contribute to your kingdom, whatever our age. Amen.