Jesus, Turn on the Light

Nancy Dorner

READ : Genesis 3:5-7
John 9:6-7

Recently I had my eyes re-examined to be sure my lenses were adequate for my aging eyes. I found myself thinking how nice it would be if just changing our glasses could change the world we see. But new glasses did nothing for my view of the world. It still looks “wacko.” Not even rose-colored lenses could change the pain, crime, poverty and despair we see in this fallen world.

But, interestingly enough, the multi-colored lights of my Christmas tree and the multi-colored glass of the stained glass windows of our church do help change my view of this world. They remind me that Jesus is the light of the world and his life and death have changed our world for all eternity. One day none of us will need our vision corrected. When Jesus returns he will make everything right and will “wipe every tear from our eyes.” There will be no pain, sorrow or injustice in his kingdom (Rev. 7:17 and 21:4).

Until his return we’ll keep Christmas by joyfully spreading the Good News. Emmanuel! (God is with us!) God is lighting our way.


Father, improve our spiritual vision so we can see you and our mission clearly. Amen.