Convinced or Reluctant

Chester Droog

READ : 2 Timothy 1:8-12
Galatians 1:1-2

Of one thing we can be sure: Paul believed with all of his heart and mind that he was commissioned by God. He was an apostle, not because some man had appointed him, but because he had been chosen by Jesus Christ and God the Father. Paul was God’s special ambassador. Of this he was convinced.

Conviction is a characteristic of Christians. They have strong beliefs concerning God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Bible, heaven and hell. Such religious certainty is not popular today. Christians are charged with being arrogant, exclusive, insensitive and intolerant. It is true that conviction has at times led to wrong attitudes, but it need not. We believe that our convictions about Jesus as the only Savior and Lord are not something we come to after a long, inadequate, evolving effort to find God. What we know of God is not a product of our searching. Rather, it is a gracious gift of God affirmed in us by the Holy Spirit. We did not seek and find God. He pursues and finds us!

Friend, are you convinced of who Jesus is? Are you convinced concerning his teachings? Are you convinced that Jesus died for your sins? Don’t be ashamed to stand up for what you believe.


Dear Lord, make me strong and courageous, bold to testify to my faith in Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.