The Proof of Power in Religion

Chester Droog

READ : Galatians 1:11-17
Acts 9:1-19

The best proof of the truth of the gospel is in what it can do in the life of a believer. Paul uses his own life as proof that the gospel he preached was from God. There was a time when he despised Jesus Christ. He thought that Jesus was a fraud and a blasphemer. He believed that those who followed Jesus Christ were disillusioned enemies of the one true God. He thought he was pleasing God by persecuting and directing the death of Christians. But when God in his gracious love revealed Jesus Christ to him on the road to Damascus, Paul became a totally different person.

The transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best proof of its truth. Acceptance of Jesus Christ, through faith, has resulted in millions of changed lives. In response to previous Words of Hope Daily Meditations which I wrote, readers told me how Jesus Christ delivered them from alcoholism and drug addiction, hate and bitterness, emptiness and hopelessness. The power of the gospel to change lives is proof of its authenticity. It changed Paul. It can change you too.


Lord Jesus, may the Good News reach into the hearts of loved ones, friends and neighbors who need to experience it today. Amen.