Your Life-So What?

Chester Droog

READ : John 15:1-8
Galatians 1:24

Read verse 24 again today because it is such a powerful verse. Of how many of us will it be said, “And they praised God because of me”? On a few very select occasions I have used this text at the memorial service of someone of whom it truly could be said, “They praised God because of me.” I think of a man, whom I knew for only seven months. In that short time, I learned that he was highly thought of by his family, friends, employees, community and church. His life had been one of integrity, honesty, good works, generosity and a supreme love for Christ and his church. I was at ease using this text at his memorial service.

I also remember a wise and compassionate elder who during his lifetime counseled many young people, including young pastors of whom I am one. His knowledge of the Bible, his sincere and loving way of suggesting how a sermon could be improved and his genuine and sincere words of encouragement made me praise God because of him.

Friends, the goal of life is not wealth, fame or success. It is SIGNIFICANCE. Is your life making a significant difference in the life of someone else? Can it be said of you, “And they praised God because of me”?


Heavenly Father, help me so to live that others will glorify you because of me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.