One Gospel for Everyone

Chester Droog

READ : Galatians 2:1-10

In our reading today Paul continues to defend his message that we are reconciled to God by grace, through faith alone in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. False teachers charged that this was not what was preached by the leaders of the early church. Paul denies this charge. Any disagreement between Paul and the early church was settled at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15). At that council it was determined that salvation was by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone (v. 11). Paul was not at odds with the leaders of the early church. They approved of the gospel he preached. They counted him a brother in Christ.

Paul and the early church were not divided concerning the truth of the message they were to preach. They did recognize that his calling was to the Gentiles (non- Jews), while theirs was to the Jews. Any difference between Paul’s teachings and that of the early church (after the Jerusalem Council) was due to the cultural differences of those to whom the gospel was being preached, and not a difference in message.

So today, the church with its many different styles of worship, music and liturgy is one true church when the message it preaches is centered on the forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son.


Dear God, thank you for the gospel proclaimed to us by Paul and the early church leaders. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.