Invitation to God's Family

Chester Droog

READ : Galatians 3:26-29

A popular Christian song begins with the words, “We are family.” It goes on to exalt the value of belonging to a family. One of the greatest blessings in life is to be part of a happy, loving family. The great tragedy today is that so few people know what it is to be part of such a family. Many families are broken and dysfunctional. There is abuse rather than love, rejection rather than acceptance, neglect rather than caring, bickering rather than harmony, hopelessness rather than happiness. In our lesson today Paul tells us that no matter what kind of a family we have come from, we can belong to the beautiful family of God. In this family all are accepted. No one is less loved than the other. Neither nationality, race, gender, economics nor social standing make any difference. In this family water (baptism) is thicker than blood (biological birth). One enters this family through faith in Jesus Christ.

Reader, are you a member of God’s family? If not, I invite you to become a member through faith in Jesus Christ.


God, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and justly separated from you because of my violation of your laws. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust him as my Savior. I commit myself to him as my Lord. Lord Jesus, I invite you to come into my life and take control. Make me a member of your family, now and forever. Amen.