Live By The Spirit-Part 4

Chester Droog

READ : Galatians 6:1-6

Today we look at two more illustrations of what it means to live by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Having told us to carry one another’s burdens, Paul now reminds us that in another sense we must carry our own burdens (verse 5). If we are living according to the Holy Spirit, it shows in how we carry our own burdens. If we are submissive and trusting in God for strength, we are living by the Spirit. Spirit-led people in times of trouble pray: “Lord, not my will, but yours be done.”

The fourth illustration of living by the Spirit may seem most surprising of all. It seems to lack the deep spiritual overtones of the first three. Paul writes that Spirit-led people are generous in sharing with their pastors (v. 6). Christian stewardship is a spiritual matter. It is a material expression of our spiritual understanding of the gospel of God’s grace. Remember how excited Paul was with the gifts of the Philippian Christians. Not because he had need of their gifts, but because their gifts were the fruit of their faith. He was burdened when there was no evidence that his preaching was being received into the hearts of the people. Their giving was proof of their full acceptance of the gospel he preached. (Phil. 4:17-18.) Spirit-led people give generously.


Lord Jesus, let my life reveal in many ways the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit in my heart. Amen.