Two Divergent Paths

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 1:1-6

Two sharply contrasting lifestyles are described in this psalm. The differences are described in vivid word pictures: a firmly rooted tree that regularly bears fruit as compared to chaff driven away by the wind.

Though these differences are dramatic, the starting points of these two lives are private and personal. For one there is the counsel of the wicked and the seats of the scoffers; the other meditates regularly on God’s Word. An interesting progression is hinted at in the verbs of verse 1: walking . . . standing . . . sitting. This suggests the gradual process by which we can become engrossed in secular thinking and the ensuing life style. We cannot avoid the pervasive presence of a secular perspective that permeates the media, entertainment and much of contemporary culture. But, we are responsible for the choices we make, particularly in the things we read, the films and TV programs we view and the company we keep. How important it is to let our thinking and actions be shaped by God’s Word as we find “delight in the law of the Lord.”

The consequences of our choices are often not apparent initially, particularly when we are young. The good news is that the way back to God is available. The Bible is God’s invitation to a life of significance and joy.


Guide us in the choices we make, particularly in the early years of our lives. Shape our thinking and actions. Amen.