The Messiah King

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 2:1-12

This psalm opens with a profound question. Why would anyone, especially kings and rulers, rebel against God? You simply can’t win; judgment will come. The good news is that there is an alternative that not only avoids God’s judgment, but leads to fulfillment and joy. This way is open to us because God has established his king on Zion (v. 6).

Who is this king? From the early days of the Christian church it has been understood that this king is Jesus. He is the promised Messiah. The Hebrew word for “anointed one” (v. 2) is the equivalent of the English word Messiah. As this King speaks in verses 7-9, it is evident that the relationship between God and this King is that of Father and Son. So when we put this all together, we have the remarkable picture that God will accomplish his great purposes with these kings and rulers through Jesus, the promised Messiah, King of Kings, Son of God.

What is God’s message to these kings and rulers? It is that he has given authority to Jesus, and that though they may interpret submitting to him as bondage, this is how they will find security and peace. Thus they are urged to be wise and to be warned to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. “Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”


Help us to acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior and receive your blessings as we take refuge in him. Amen.