Confession and Renewal and Praise

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 51:7-19

The movement from confession to renewal finds its fulfillment in praise and worship. This comes into sharp focus as David, the gifted poet who used music so effectively to praise God, now looks forward to singing songs of God’s righteousness and declaring God’s praise (vv. 14-15). This is the context in which we as Christians, individually and corporately, sing our praises to God who has forgiven and renewed us in Christ.

David is aware, however, that his exuberance is rooted in a broken and contrite heart, and not in the sacrifices he might have made. This is true for us as well, for we experience the grace of Christ through humble confession. This perspective gives depth to our music and enables us to sing with humility, confidence and joy.

At first glance it may seem arrogant for David to be the one who will “teach transgressors God’s way,” given the horrible sins he had committed. But often God uses the testimony of those who have known the depths of sin, but have been awakened by God to forgiveness and life in Christ, to bring others to confession, faith and renewal. “This psalm has shown generations of sinners the way home, long after they had thought themselves beyond recall” (Derek Kidner).


Having been forgiven, help me to live the renewed life with gratitude and joy as a witness to others. Amen.