A Rock of Refuge for Seniors

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 71:1-18

This psalm is an eloquent statement from a person who has known God throughout life, has been taught by God since youth (v. 17), has spoken God’s praise, but as the end of life approaches, experiences real difficulties. Such experiences, due to health, or as in the case of the writer, difficult relationships, can be part of our journey of life.

But what a blessing it is to approach these years after a lifetime of walking with God and experiencing his grace. The writer could speak from experience about God as his rock of refuge, and could say with confidence, “I will always have hope”(v. 14). Difficulties in themselves cannot bring faith and hope, but they can enable us to more fully appropriate the resources we have in God. Though it is never too late to turn to God, the earlier we do so, the better we are prepared for our latter years.

Having laid out his difficulties to God, and expressed his confidence in God’s grace and power, the writer receives a fresh vision for these latter years: to declare God’s marvelous deeds to the next generation and God’s love and power to all who are to come (v. 18). With such a vision our lives can have meaning to the very end.


Lord, thank you that you are with us throughout our entire lives. Help us to live in fellowship with you in our early years and thus be prepared to live our latter years with purpose and grace. Amen.