Release From Envy to Fellowship With God

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 73:13-28

The path by which the psalmist found release from envy (vv. 15-17) began with silence lest he betray God’s children. He wrestled with the issues, himself and God, and listened to God in the sanctuary.

Three things happened. He understood that even though those who reject God may prosper in this life, their final destiny, unless they repent, will be to remain apart from God with the tragic consequences. The second was a very genuine confession of how far off base, how bitter and how rebellious he was while in the state of envy (vv. 21-22).

But, third and more important was the depth and vitality of his renewed fellowship with God. Verses 23- 26 are one of the most profound statements in the Bible about what knowing God really involves. As I write this on the evening before Easter Sunday, the thought of God taking us by the right hand, guiding us with his counsel, and finally receiving us in glory has special meaning. With such a God, there is nothing more that we need desire in our lives. What a great alternative to envy!


Lord, guide me with your counsel and be the strength of my life. Help me extend love and grace to those who live apart from you. Amen.