God's Rescue, Our Gratitude

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 107:1-16

The two-fold theme of this beautifully structured psalm is God’s goodness and unfailing love, and the genuine, enthusiastic thanks and praise that such grace calls forth from us. Like a good teacher, the writer gives four examples in which God rescues people who are in tough situations. We consider the first two today.

The first involves those who choose not to choose; they simply wander, without purpose or direction, and eventually find themselves in a desert wasteland, overcome by hunger and thirst. This can be read as a parable of contemporary society, in which an emphasis on money, material things, prestige, pleasure, and a distorted sense of freedom, makes it easy to wander without God with no moral and spiritual direction. God brings many in such circumstances to life in Christ and into a community where they find true joy and enduring values.

The second relates to persons who have made a deliberate choice to rebel against God’s Word and as a result have become prisoners. One thinks of men and women in our crowded prisons, and addicts captive to drugs and despair. These are bars of iron, physical and symbolic. God cuts through these bars to redeem people.


Thank you for rescuing us from our wanderings and rebellion, bringing us into your family through grace. Help us to sing songs and live lives that reflect our gratitude. Amen.