God's Goodness; Our Gratitude

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 107:17-32

Some “became fools through their rebellious ways.” That is, they simply chose life styles that were contrary to God’s design for living. As a result they experienced severe physical afflictions, loathed food and were near death. Examples of such living abound throughout the Bible and in contemporary society. The important message is that God reaches out to them, sending his word and giving them physical, mental and spiritual healing. If God so loves such persons, can we do any less?

In the final episode people are not in dire circumstances because of wrong choices, but because of events in their business. As merchants on the high seas they encounter a severe storm and lose all ability to control the situation. God acts to still the storm. In the course of our daily lives we experience situations beyond our control. How good it is to remember that God sees, cares, acts and guides us to his desired haven.

In all four episodes, God rescues people when they acknowledge their desperate situation and cry for help. Sometimes, usually because of pride, asking for help is the most difficult step. This psalm encourages us to take this step with confidence because God is eager to rescue us and bring us into his family.


Lord, guide me in the choices I make, so that I may become the person you want me to be and fulfill your purposes. Amen.