The Fulfilled Life

Gordon VanWylen

READ : Psalm 23:1-6

We close our readings for the month with this, the best- known and most beloved of all the Psalms. We join countless millions from every part of the earth over many centuries who have drawn inspiration, encouragement and comfort from this psalm.

What is it about this psalm that makes such an impact? In simple but powerful images it affirms that we are not alone in this universe, the products of chance events and evolutionary processes. There is a personal God behind all events in space and time who knows us personally, leads us, nurtures us and meets us in every situation in life. This is not only a truth to be affirmed, but an invitation to an intimate, personal walk with God. How much we need the nurture of his green pastures, his guidance into paths of righteousness and his presence as we or our loved ones walk through the shadow of death.

Those who are followers of Jesus find special meaning in this psalm. Jesus identified himself as the good shepherd (John 10) who lays down his life for his sheep, knows his sheep and leads by going ahead of them. With Jesus as our shepherd we have confidence that God’s goodness and mercy will follow us all our days.


Lord, we invite you to lead us in every facet of our lives. Thank you that Jesus is our good shepherd. He gave his life for us, goes before us and will welcome us into our eternal home. Amen.