Images of Life in God's Service

James Nettinga

READ : Romans 12:1-21

Following yesterday’s lesson we explore the inner space images of life in Christ. Paul’s motive for writing is “God’s gracious gift to me,” (v. 3, TEV). As their spiritual teacher, Paul feels compelled to give them advice for life in God’s service. It is most practical and up-to-date.

  1. If you have self-esteem, don’t exaggerate, but consider your abilities in the light of the faith which God has given you. Don’t be snobbish.

  2. Remember, we all have different functions, like the parts of our bodies. If preaching, we should preach to the limit of our vision. We teach! We serve! If called to help others, we do it freely and cheerfully. If given authority, we act responsibly. We watch our public behavior.

  3. We don’t think we have all the answers.

  4. We share our emotions, happiness and sorrow with others.

  5. We don’t shirk our duties but work to serve God and the community.

  6. We endure troubles patiently and pray always.

  7. Above all, we overcome evil with good.

This is a summary of the many images of life. During the rest of the month we will discuss them in detail.


O generous God, may our actions show our gratitude for all you have given us. May they really reflect Christ’s image of you in us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.