A Rainbow of God's Faithfulness

James Nettinga

READ : Genesis 9:1-17

One day while I was driving through the desert after a rain storm, a double rainbow appeared. It seemed like a double confirmation of the covenant God made to Noah. Professor Miglore of Princeton Seminary called the rainbow “a sign of God’s promise to be faithful to the creation as it moves beyond God’s judgment toward a new future.” 1 That promise came to Noah, the farmer, living in the country. What promise is there for cities? How does God’s rainbow fit into today’s cities, particularly the inner cities?

Professor Miglore found the answer among inner city children, nine- to ten-year-olds, in a vacation church school in Trenton, New Jersey. One day he read to them about Noah and the rainbow. When finished, he asked if they ever saw a rainbow. They said, “In the streets.” He repeated the question, and got the answer, “You can see the rainbows in the oil slicks of puddles in the streets.” These Trenton children had found God’s promise of new life, not high up in the sky, but way down in the grimy puddles of their city streets. The rainbow of God’s promise is everywhere.

1 Daniel L. Migliore, “City Rainbows” Princeton Seminary Bulletin/1 (1193)68-71.


O God, we thank you for keeping your promises yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Amen.