Identifying The Spirit Now

James Nettinga

READ : 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

One morning some parents found their young son, nose pressed against a window, looking at the spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks mirrored in the lake below. His parents joined him and talked about the God who long ago created such beauty. The boy listened, and then asked, “But what is God doing now?” Have you ever caught yourself saying that?

The Christians in Corinth must have asked a similar question, “Where in the world is the Spirit of God observable now?” So Paul gives them some further information about the Spirit. When Paul describes these spiritual gifts, there is no distinction between clergy and laity nor between male and female. God works wherever the gifts of the Spirit break through to any who receive them. A gifted classmate of mine reminded me of the gift of generosity, symbolized by the real estate Barnabas gave to the First Church in Jerusalem. Remember tent-maker Priscilla of Corinth, or Lydia, seller of purple, probably members of the Business and Professional Women’s Group of Greece, who exercised their spiritual gifts.

Have you recognized some of the new and fresh gifts of the Spirit in your life or the lives of others? God gives such gifts in extravagant abundance.


God of grace and love, make our ministries together ideal examples of your gifts received through the Holy Spirit. Amen.