Is The Bush Still Burning?

James Nettinga

READ : Exodus 3:1-5

This experience of Moses is one of the Bible’s close encounters with God of the greatest magnitude. Why did this happen in his life at this particular time? He must have known about being saved as a baby in the bulrushes, adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Now exiled in the desert, caring for his father-in-law’s cattle, why now a burning bush from which God spoke?

The heart of the story is this at that moment God called and Moses heard. The experience must have been burned into his soul. That was the real miracle. God’s presence was so vivid and real in his life and the history of God’s people. And then later, the same, with Jesus, his life, death and resurrection and the struggles of the early church God appeared and the bush burned again.

A Quaker sailing vessel, Woodhouse, left England for America in the late 1600’s. On the way it docked on the south of England for repairs. The Quakers left the ship to go into the communities and share the Christian message. Captain Robert Fowler wrote in his log, “The Ministers of Christ were not idle, they gathered sticks, kindled a fire, and left it burning.“1 The bush still burns. Is it burning in the life of your church and community?


: O God, may we continue to kindle the fire of God’s presence and leave it burning wherever we go. Amen.